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BHIVE Coworking space in Bangalore, is a start-up ecosystem that provides affordable office spaces to businesses. From entrepreneurs to start-ups to freelancers, it offers a range of facilities that enable individuals and businesses to cowork, connect, collaborate, communicate and commercialize their ideas. The prospects BHIVE Workspaces offer rise beyond infrastructural needs.It provides start-ups the opportunity to network, ideate, synergise and seek advice from in-house mentors, as well as each other. Moreover, frequent events that take place at BHIVE provide individuals the opportunity to learn, grow and give. Simply put, BHIVE WorkSpaces are a start-up melting pot from where great ideas grow to become greater businesses.

  1. Shesh Paplikar
  2. Sridhar Venkataraman
  3. Prashant Reddy
Venture Capitals
  1. Raghunandan G
  2. Arihant Patni
  3. Sanjay Mirchandani
  4. Rajesh Rai
  5. Arun Narayanan