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It all started with a simple idea. We wanted to serve you the perfect cup of gourmet tea or coffee, wherever you are.If you are like us, you have probably traveled around the world, you have seen things, you've experienced things, and have formed an eclectic taste for the special and unusual. Imagine gourmet coffee and tea - made from the finest beans and leaves; customized for connoisseurs of both taste and technology. That's Bonhomia.A few years ago we began the journey to bring the ancient mysticism and traditions of fine teas and coffees to the adventurous and tech-savvy generation.Marrying rich heritage and advanced technology, we package our gourmet blends in Bonhomia single-serve capsules that have been developed after years of research to ensure that the rich aroma and flavors of coffee and fine teas are well preserved and brewed to perfection. You will find something to like in our eclectic range, because we crafted each drink to appeal to even the most discerning of connoisseurs.What makes Bonhomia capsules so alluring is the fact that they are compatible with the internationally acclaimed Nespresso�* style machines and hence are a ready answer for the jet setters who own one and are looking for variety and locally sourced and produced capsulesWe, at Bonhomia, are distilling ancient traditions of flavour in our single-serve capsules. Technology meets refinement for consistent taste, texture and flavour.We invite you as guests to join us on this journey. Come on board, Indulge and do yourself a world of good with a cup of Bonhomia!

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