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We are a motivated team of ex college students who are trying to bring to students what we sorely missed in our own college days access to a world of consumer products on the internet in an easy and accessible way.We know the pain of waiting for that extra month before buying the phone of your dreams, just because you are short of a little money. We understand how things can suddenly be magically affordable to us if we dont have to pay the whole price at once.That is why we came up with Buddy, a platform made for college students to get access to brand new gadgets, clothes, books, whatever in a easy and convenient way.We believe that clarity and transparency are important and strive to reflect these values in all our interactions with our users. At the same time, we understand that being a college student, flexibility is important, which is why we strive to ensure every student can avail plans that cater specifically to his or her needs.We were college students too, after all ;)

  1. Rajan Bajaj
  2. Deepak Malhotra
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  1. Blume Ventures
  2. TracxnLabs