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Rapido is basically a platform where you can book a bike ride through a mobile app while traveling solo. With the traffic situation exceptionally pathetic especially during peak hours, zipping past in a two-wheeler saves a lot of time. What�s more is that it also provides an opportunity for people with a two-wheeler (along with the license) to become a rider on the platform and earn some extra money in their spare time. .At Rapido, we�re committed to create a viable commute option for an urban city dweller, keeping technology at the forefront.We intend to make commuting very: Easy and Convenient: Just at the tap of a button Real-time: Book real-time and find a rider within minutes Economical: The cheapest way to commute intracity Fast: Save time in traffic jams Safe: See the slew of safety features here. Social: Make new friends everyday while commuting

  1. Aravind Sanka
  2. Rishikesh S R
  3. Pavan Guntupalli
Venture Capitals
  1. Presha Paragash