Truly Social

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We create contemporary casual social world games for mobile. We specialise in building beautiful, immersive role playing games. We delight our players with social world games that allow them to truly socialize, to shape their own unique experiences and to escape into lives less ordinary. We consciously don't build Match-3 games to not lose our voice in the crowd. Our free-to-play games bring lifestyle content and fun narrative to the socializer and explorer player types. We're going "Glocal", by partnering to adapt and distribute localized games globally. Our players form the foundation of our community and it is for them that we ensure that our games are deeply immersive and meaningful.

  1. Sebastian Coman
Venture Capitals
  1. Drussila Hollanda-Gr´┐Żnberg
  2. Nazara Games
  3. London Venture Partners