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The health care system is experiencing a slow and subtle shift from a professionally driven approach toward one that is �patient centered� or �consumer centered.� This stems from a growing recognition that incorporating an individual patient�s perspectives and greater involvement in his/her care results in better health outcomes and is an initiative by VNurture Healthcare Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., to bridge this gap by provide health information and services to consumers at the right time, in the right place, the way they want it. It attempts to reduce the information asymmetry in the healthcare landscape by bringing together all the stakeholders on a common platform.'s proprietary healthizen framework is centered on the patient unlike the traditional doctor-centric model. It provides you with a secure and standards-based personal health record, available via the Internet and under your control. Our vision is one of a ubiquitously networked India offering transparent and powerful information exchange that would reform the healthcare ecosystem. Our mission is to reduce the information asymmetry in the healthcare space and reform the healthcare landscape in India by putting the patients at the center of the ecosystem.

  1. Anand Anupam
Venture Capitals