Qikwell Technologies India

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Qikwell is a Bangalore based technology startup on a mission to improve access to healthcare in India. We have striven to bring transparency to selection/determination of a healthcare provider and making the visit experience better for the consumer.The Problem: Healthcare is a basic human need but often neglected by most of us due to our busy schedules. A visit to a doctor often starts with busy or unanswered phones, lack of information on doctor's availability and ends with long waiting and poor customer service.Our Solution: We have a unique solution which clinics and hospital installs to ensure a pleasant patient experience. This includes information on doctors, live information on doctor's availability, online appointment booking, instant appointment confirmation, delay/or schedule change notifications and fair & transparent queueing system. Qikwell also helps you keep in touch with your doctors -- simple queries that may not warrant a visit can be answered by your doctor.

  1. Raghavendra Prasad
  2. Krishna Chitrapura
Venture Capitals
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