Milestone Capital Advisors

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Formed in 2007, Milestone Capital Advisors is a privately held alternative investment advisory firm in India. Milestone's investors comprise of institutions, family offices, government organizations & high net-worth individuals in India and overseas. Its Board of Directors comprises of industry luminaries who are the company's constant source of very high standards of corporate governance.With over 100 years of combined investment management experience, our teams apply their experience in a hands-on manner to ensure that the investors' interests and objectives are vigorously pursued at all times.Milestone has always relied on developing highly innovative funds in real estate, which in turn have provided unique investment opportunities as well as steady returns to its investors. It has pioneered products in the private REIT and Mezzanine investments in real estate. Over the years, most of our funds have demonstrated full cycle of fund raise, deployment, nurturing & divestments, consistently giving returns to investors in form of capital & income, making them few of the top quartile real estate funds in India to have done so.

  1. Ved Prakash Arya
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