e Health Access

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e Health Access provides telemedicine services for non-emergency conditions.The company works on primary and preventive healthcare and allows communication between doctors and patients through various modes such as telephones or mobiles, video conferences, and chats and emails. It provides short-term prescriptions, enables physicians to advise patients about reference to a specialist based on their conditions, and provides medication to kids as well allows them to contact and discuss various personal questions with doctors about health-related issues during travelling, allows patients to analyze lab test results, and offers natural or home remedies for minor problems.The company also provides post-operative care advice for non-emergency medical issues when patients are unable to consult their primary-care physicians. It offers a healthcare web portal, eVaidya.com which provides virtual doctor consultation services to patients apart from providing free personal health record storage services.

  1. Ram Prabhu
  2. Jayadeep Reddy
Venture Capitals
  1. Venkat Vallabhaneni