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eKincare empowers you to take charge of your health by enabling you to monitor critical medical info and make it available anywhere, anytime. We gather your results from a growing list of dental, body and vision health partners, update your profile and provide you a user-friendly platform to view them. We aim to identify potential health risks, inform you and motivate you to take necessary steps towards improving your health. eKincare is found by a team of seasoned professionals with varied international work experience across product marketing, technology and medicine. eKincare�s founding team shares a passion for solving complex issues seeding from their own personal experiences, a love of technology and a belief that, if you combine the two in an engaging way, customers will ultimately win.

  1. Kiran Kalakuntla
  2. Dinesh Koka
Venture Capitals
  1. Sandeep Seerapu
  2. RamaKrishna Reddy
  3. Maheshwari Investment. Pvt. Ltd
  4. Anshoo Gaur
  5. Bitkemy Ventures