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Running a startup is tough work in itself. Fund-raising is key to success and is at times taken for granted.Why not put your best foot forward when it comes to raising money?Guided by real experts�through an efficient processEquity Crest is about helping promising young companies connect with high quality investors in order to fulfil their capital needs with the best possible outcomes. Its also about discovering the diamonds in the rough - which got passed over in the deluge of startups in India.The founders at Equity Crest have deep expertise with 40+ years of experience ($2B + raised/invested) across multiple equity stages as well as a wide range of sectors.We help promising entrepreneurs better understand their business possibilities, articulate them crisply to investors and navigate the fast evolving early stage eco-system in India. Our platform enables efficient discovery and engagement between investors and startups. We enable an efficient process with documentation appropriate for the seed stage.We add value to investors in the following way:By posting only select startups which we believe are fundamentally investible and aligning our incentives for the longer term with investors.Enabling syndication of rounds for startups which pass our high bar.

  1. Deepak Gupta
  2. Amit Wadhwa
  3. Amit Banka
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