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Back to India from the US, Mitesh was trying to figure out which doctor to see for his B-12 deficiency or which dentist to regularly visit for post-operative care after his periodontal surgery. He talked to a few people he knew who suggested a couple of names. He searched on the web only to discover that not only half the information was not there but also what's there was incomplete. He was at a loss."How do I find the right doctor? I don't want to waste my time scrambling for information and experimenting. There has to be a better way!", he thought.Somehow, he found a doctor and went to his office, he was sitting endlessly for his turn. He thought, "even though doctors try their best to be punctual, delays are inevitable. Wish I knew about the delay before I came in. I could've saved time today."... and was conceived!

  1. Mitesh Bohra
Venture Capitals