Banyan Capital Advisors

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Banyan Capital Advisors LLP (Banyan Capital) was established in November 2011 to address the growing need of the high net worth investors (individuals, family offices and institutions) all over the world to invest in the Indian capital markets. We manage our investors� capital with three fundamental ethos: expertise, accountability and transparency. Banyan Capital�s portfolio managers have a combined experience of over 29 years in the capital markets and over 14 years in managing funds and this expertise has been developed over multiple business cycles since 1991. While past performance is no guarantee of future success, the funds managed by our managers have handily beaten their respective benchmarks over a reasonably long period.Accountability to us means a deep commitment to do what�s right for our investors. It includes investing our personal savings alongside with their capital. It also means creating the fee structure that aligns our interest with those of our investors. Whether it is being forthright about the investment mistakes we have made (and will make), explaining our investment thesis or resolving issues related to operations, we believe transparency leads to trust which will create a long lasting fiduciary relationship between us.

  1. V.P. Rajesh
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