INRA Tech Services Pvt. Ltd.

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INRA Tech is a web and flexible application headway association arranged in the IT city Bangalore, India. We offer a grouping of organizations like web layout, web headway, application change, webpage plan change and internet organizing organization. Set up in 2015, INRA Tech is another age programming change association that has aced the examination of ergonomics and is always growing their general metric through headway and mechanical capacity. With a gathering of qualified specialists, we are committed to passing on quality organizations for the achievement of our client's undertakings. Our vital focus is giving capable, monetarily sagacious aides and answers for our clients wanders. Advancement can fulfill more than keep your conventional business above water, it can drive your thriving to the most lifted potential. At Inra Tech, our gathering works like an inside and out oiled machine where every last part contributes towards building game plans that helps you discover, evaluate, architect and execute pushed advancement.

  1. Manish K Shah
Venture Capitals