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SureWaves, a media convergence pioneer with solutions that interweave television, digital displays, mobile and internet, is one of the most innovative Indian media companies of recent times. SureWaves has a rich portfolio of technology with more than 40 patents filed till date and is supported by � Technology Development Board (A Unit of Ministry of Science and Technology � Government Of India). It has also been recognized as the �Most Innovative Technology Start-Up� by the Software Technology Parks of India (Unit of GOI).SureWaves, is fast changing the face of advertising on cable and regional satellite channels with its flagship solution, SureWaves Spot TV Network. Up until now, advertising on these channels has been inaccessible to national advertisers due to extremely high fragmentation, lack of accountability and measurability.

  1. Rajendra Khare
Venture Capitals
  1. Accel Partners
  2. Canaan Partners