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To be the most convenient stepping stone for the young adults of India towards their dreams & aspirationsWant to purchase a laptop to help you with your assignments & projects, but tired of bugging your parents for it?Have the trials for college�s annual music fest or sports arena next week, but don�t have enough funds to purchase the necessary equipment?Want to pursue your passion for photography, but can�t wait till you accumulate enough to get your dream DSLR camera?Want to gift your dad a watch on his birthday, but don�t feel comfortable borrowing money from friends?Do any of these above scenarios ring a bell?Well, you�re not the only one. We�ve been through the same during our college lives, and we exactly know how it feels. But worry no more mate, we�re here for you now.We at KrazyBee, are a bunch of IIM & NIT alums zealously working towards the fulfillment of the aspirations of the current Indian college-going millennials. Our mission is to be the convenient connecting bridge between the college-going youth of this country, and their wonderful dreams and aspirations. Our prime focus is to be the source of hassle-free financing for college students to pursue their passion, who are certainly creditworthy but don�t have any convenient options in the market to support them currently.After all, money can wait, but occasions and opportunities can�t! :)

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