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The companies that are making a fortune in the new mobile economy have sewed an exceptional customer experience into the very fabric of their company. Support doesn't just add value � an exceptional customer experience is the value. But the current support solutions were never intended to support the mobile experience - you can't pour motor oil into a jet engine and expect it to fly, and CRMs and helpdesks just don't meet the needs of mobile users. Which is kind of a big problem, since mobile is eating the internet, and there are more apps competing for your customer's homescreen every day. The world is moving to mobile, and shoving a web view into a native app isn't good enough - we want businesses to offer that unparalleled experience wherever their customers are. That's why we built Helpshift. Helpshift makes it easy to create that exceptional experience in native mobile apps, transforming customers into the most passionate sales team you could hope for, and loyal for life. We're making the mobile business better, and we'd like to start with you - join our mission to improve the customer experience and create happy customers!

  1. Abinash Tripathy
  2. Baishampayan Ghose
Venture Capitals
  1. Nexus Venture Partners
  2. Intel Capital
  3. True Ventures
  4. Visionnaire Ventures