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Not too long ago, staring into my messy closet, I realized that it was full of things I never used. I saw my sporadically used wedding lehenga, branded gowns that didn't fit me anymore, gifts that were not my taste, gently used outfits in which my pics were all over social media, and that raised another issue, I didn�t want to use them again., so no more repeats. Suddenly, I had an urge to address this problem. I strongly felt, there should be someone who would love to have the things that I no longer wanted or at least use them when they needed it. But then if there, in fact, was someone, how could she get access to my fashion wear? The thought threw up a logistical labyrinthine and I knew I will have some serious work to resolve this.The next few weeks went in making calls and shooting mails to whoever I thought would have something to contribute in crystalling my thoughts. Working excitedly from my living room I pitched it to my husband Mithun Chandra. A serial entrepreneur himself, he jumped on the idea and said, "Let's do it". Sometimes that�s all it takes. He quit his job he had recently joined, the very next week and on November 24th, 2014, with minimum funds, the two of us, two part time members, a ton of ideas and the will to translate ideas to a working model, Duffl was born.

  1. Mithun Chandra
  2. Nisha Pratab Khatwani
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