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Enough of your hunt for the home tutor, as here we are with the services.�Padhega India, Tabhi to badhega India�The motive of our existence is related to an extent to the above tagline, wherein we believe in getting the teachers for those who wish to study across Delhi/NCR(for now). Excellence, quality education and better teacher-student relationship is our strategy.Working since 2014, we strive at core objective of 'Enabling individuals to realize their potential and making their career dreams come true. We are honest and sincere about our goal and we make sure that the way we do it is inclined the same way.We understand the importance of a perfect teacher in one�s life, so here we come with a team of teachers, researchers, scholars and scientists both male and female. We do not just provide for tutors, but our team involves research about the study trends and psychology of students and tries to communicate the same to our tutors. From young dynamic and innovative tutors to experienced staff, our teachers age range from 20 years to 58 years.We, at, carefully choose the tutors and ensure the genuineness of the qualification of the tutors.We provide teachers for competitive exams as well such as Olympiad, IIT-JEE, Medical-PMT, SCRA, NDA, BANK-PO, CA, and CDS. In addition, we have special kind of teachers for special students.We provide teachers for the exams like Olympiad, NTSE, JTSE, KVPY, IIT-JEE, MEDICAL-PMT, SCRA, NDA, BANK-PO, CA, CDS.Being with �padhopadhao�, you need not worry about the fee and consultation charges. We make sure that you do not get out of pockets for it and pay reasonable.Providing the excellent customer support, we are at your services.

  1. Hemant Garg
  2. Akhilesh Kumar
Venture Capitals
  1. Acquired by Rise india Group