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Our Vision To Transform the interaction between workforce and technologyThe products a working professional uses for personal needs (e.g Uber, Facebook) and business needs at work are at complete dissonance. Enterprise tools lag far behind today's consumer apps in quality of technology, usability and scalability. At Darwinbox, we want to bridge this new "digital divide" and build products that are as effective as your daily use products.Our powerful, new age enterprise HRMS platform is built with a clear focus on intuitiveness and scalability, with standards of best in class consumer apps. Our Platform addresses issues that are on top of mind of every HR person with well thought out flows, proprietary intelligence based insights and sexy interfaces.

  1. Chaitanya Peddi
  2. Rohit Chennamaneni
Venture Capitals
  1. StartupXseed Ventures
  2. 3ONE4 Capital
  3. TracxnLabs
  4. Endiya Partners