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Augrav (Au � Gold and Grav � engrave) as the name defines, it is a place where you will spot unique customized jewellery that will hold a special place in your loved one�s life. At Augrav we are keen to make each of you special and unique in your own way. Your search for special gifts to your dear ones will end here as it is the best of the best that we offer when it comes to personalization. Name the kind of jewellery right from rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, etc and how you want it to be personalized and we will be happy to serve you and provide a unique product. Engraving on gold jewellery is new trend and we are very good at making custom engraved jewellery in india . We offer different kind of options to engrave on gold ring for wedding/engagment like fingerprint engraving,name engraving and your voice wave form engraving. You can engrave your photo or name on gold coin or you can engrave fingerprint on your engagement ring or name on wedding ring.

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