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A large number of young and upwardly mobile salaried class have common problems regarding cash flow, tax planning, financial planning etc. Absence of suitable products, lack of awareness or fiscal indiscipline may lead lot of employees into making wrong financial choices which can drain their hard earned money towards interest, fees or low yield investments. Also, most times due to complex nature of payroll and benefits management even the best HR managers are not able to optimize employee benefits. There is significant effort and cost required today to offer a employee friendly benefit programme. This is true for both small and large corporates. By our estimate, in India you can increase take home salary of 15million employees by better planning. However, there has not been any significant innovation in this space in the last few decades and Niyo Solutions Inc. is all set to change that with path breaking solutions for salaried segment. We strive to have deep partnerships with HR community, banks and HRM providers to ensure a seamless yet compliant payroll & benefits process that increases take home salary of employees without any cost to the employers.

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