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Where Marketing meets Technology. What happens when passion for marketing meets acumen for technology and desire to create change in the way business is done?You get Mindstretch Learning Labs. The Marketing Automation Company. We are a Bangalore based team of marketing technology professionals from IITs, IIMs and NIITs.(Don�t worry, we also have a passionate bunch of college drop outs, who give us a good run for our money, day in and day out, creating, testing and deploying great products and solutions!) What is our USP ? We know our stuff!Mindstretch Learning Labs is one of the winners of Facebook Ads API Hackathon held in Singapore in October 2013. Think of it as an endurance test held by Facebook for creating innovative Facebook marketing technology solutions, and you�ll get the picture. We are pedigreed!We are an official Facebook Marketing Technology partner. This means that our processes, protocols, and platforms work seamlessly with Facebook Advertising platform, providing you with best-in-class solutions and delivery experience. We build marketing technology that works!We have captured all our collective experience and expertise in Facebook Ads management in our custom solutions, and our flagship product, AdsTrak, that help you run the most effective, and intelligent, Facebook marketing programs that your money can buy. We love your business!We do not see ourselves as a vendor. We see ourselves as a partner, aligned with you on your customer engagement journey, enabling your campaigns and programs through their entire lifecycles.

  1. Rajesh "Raj" Varma
Venture Capitals