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How do you address the growing problem of managing indirect expenses like marketing spends in an industry that is so creative in its expression? Where every work is unique, every project is so different from the other? Where every agency worth its salt is significantly different from the other?How do you marry the needs of procurement departments and marketing departments which often have different business goals?From this simple problem statement, Agencyonnet was born. We are to put it succinctly a bridge between marketing and procurement teams. We are specialists in marketing with a flair for procurement.And Agencyonnet is our solution that will help procurement and marketing teams work together. We have put our decade�s knowledge on marketing and dealing with procurement teams to create what we know is an outstanding software suite.Our mission is to help marketing teams create outstanding marketing programs at best possible prices.We are passionate about helping businesses save bottom line dollars through a more efficient marketing procurement system. It doesn�t matter if your business has the best ERP or procurement system already. Ultimately it�s not software that runs businesses but people that do.This is why Agencyonnet was created to specifically help those people that are directly involved in marketing procurement � the buyer and the seller side. Our tool is not only designed to help businesses save costs on their buying, but also empower them with valuable insights on their spends, their agencies and their processes.

  1. Rajesh Menon
Venture Capitals