Banyan Nation

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Banyan Nation is a technology driven plastics recycling venture that is rooting out inefficiencies in India�s informal recycling industry by innovating across the value chain, right from recovery to recycling. Our vision is to change the way businesses and consumers perceive plastics. Banyan Nation wants to make sustainable plastics manufacturing using recycled granules the new norm in India. Banyan makes it possible through simple android based technology solutions in the front end and advanced plastic technology competencies in the backend. Banyan�s hybrid solution is a combination of world class plastics recycling technology in the backend to produce high quality recycled materials and software technology in the front end to integrate a highly fragmented supply chain. We work with bulk plastic waste generators and responsibly recycle the plastic to create high quality granules that can be used as raw material instead of virgin plastic in product manufacturing. Banyan's BetterPlastic is Better in Quality, Better in Performance, Better for Society and Better for Environment.

  1. Mani Vajipey
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