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BitGiving is a social Crowdfunding platform for Individuals and Organisations.Deeply integrated with Social media and with tools catering to the contributors, influencers and campaigners, BitGiving is envisioned as a platform which is not only technologically sound but is also easy to use.Primarily being used by Not-for-Profit organisations in India to raise funds for their initiatives, BitGiving also allows Individuals to raise funds for creative projects.After over an year or research and development, BitGiving was launched on 12th December, 2013 with their first campaign, "Support Jurrat" in partnership with Amnesty International India.BitGiving is the exclusive crowdfunding partner for Amnesty International India and Amnesty has it's own microsite on the platform (

  1. Fahad Moti Khan
  2. Ishita Anand
Venture Capitals
  1. Krishna Mehra
  2. Harminder Sahni
  3. Sanjay Bakshi
  4. Kapil Nayyar