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Welcome to EnCashea, an Online Place to Sell Your Scrap. Do you want to earn cash by selling your scrap online? If yes then you are at the right place. We intend to make selling scrap so much fun while ensuring safe and environment-friendly disposal of all types of scrap and recyclable material.I am an individual.If you have collected paper, books & magazines, plastics, e-waste or household metal items in your house, then you don't need to go out to search for a kabadiwala to sell your scrap or unused stuff. You can do it from your home in an easy and convenient way. Just go to Encashea and sell scrap, metals, old newspapers and other electronic waste items directly from our website or mobile application.At EnCashea, you will save lots of your time. We collect recyclable scrap, old newspapers, electronic wastes, old plastics, metals and other scrap materials from your doorstep and ensure they remain properly segregated and don't end up in landfills.At EnCashea, you can sell your scrap and other unused materials in just a few clicks and get handsome money by selling your waste that other Raddiwalas cannot offer you. You can check our rates here.Check our rate list and schedule an pickup with EnCashea now!You can also download our Android App here.

  1. Priyank Jain
  2. Harshal Chaudhari
  3. Rahul Jaiswal
Venture Capitals
  1. TracxnLabs
  2. Kunal Shah
  3. Sandeep Tandon