Eram Scientific Solutions

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Eram Scientific Solutions (ESS) is a Private Limited company based out of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in India. We started our operations in the year 2008 in God�s Own Country - the beautiful State of Kerala. We are a R&D Social enterprise operating primarily in the water and sanitation sector. Eram Scientific has introduced the revolutionary concept of technology integrated toilets to address the challenges associated with public sanitation in the society. Being part of the Eram Group (a Saudi based $1 billion Company) has ensured that we have a global outlook. At the same time, we are committed towards finding solutions for core infrastructural problems faced by developing countries such as India. Our focus is on improving the social and developmental scenarios, especially in public infrastructure, to make the Country perform at par with developed nations by accelerating technology integration and improving standards of living.To achieve this, we develop utilities that work based on a cross platform of technologies and domains which ensure they are sustainable and suitable for the environment they are implemented in.

  1. Siddeek Ahmed
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