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Lounge47 helps & drives entrepreneurs to succeed faster. We advise and mentor Startups. We help any Startup by providing our expertise and experiences for free. We do not charge any equity, or fees of any kind. How to get started? If you are a founder, we have a very informal process to get started - just call, Skype, email, or make an appointment to make your pitch. We will tell you (rather bluntly always) what it would take to succeed. What to expect beyond the initial meeting? Once we get past this initial meeting, what we expect from founders is responsibility, focus, hard work, and the ability to take guidance and instructions. Where is Lounge47 located? Lounge47 is located in Bangalore, rated one of the fastest growing entrepreneur hubs in the world. We are happy to connect and help Startups anywhere - as long as they follow our process and metrics to success.

  1. Sonal Kumar
Venture Capitals