ReLife Healthsolutions

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In fast changing world, what is constant is quality and Relife is the platform on which a group of like minded people "who believe in the best" have joined their hands to create some extra ordinary products and services be it Pharma mfg, medical tourism,hospital consultancy, homoeopathy manufacturing, marketing(also export & import) & nursing college.The motto is "Go Global" & so we have started six divisions spread across globe in countries like U.S., U.K., GULF, AUSTRALIA & THE CONTINENT OF AFRICA.The company was formed on a revolutionary idea that all the people in the health industry should get what they want under one roof, so strong management base ranging from city's leading doctors to leading pharmaceutical/surgical businessman came into an act.We are Indians and we are committed to prove that when it comes to health care, "INDIA IS THE BEST".

  1. Dr. Prakash Modha
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