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Launched on the 2nd December 2014, saXam intends to create a legal, low-risk, low-entry barrier, high liquidity, collaborative structure where the common Indian, long seen by builders and developers as �just a consumer� can actually participate in the real estate market, and partake of the rich pickings that are so clearly seen as possible due to the coming demographic dividend in the next 2-3 decades.The method chosen underwent a battery of tests, and has survived each of them. We tested this legally, structurally, financially, and not just in theory, but simulated every aspect of the model on a computer, as well as on the ground, for us to iron out all kinks, major and minor, and make this a robust, safe, easy-to-understand, and unique model for the common person to enter the real estate business in India, without risking a large amount of money.We are proud to say that no one has tried this successfully at this scale. Ever. In the world.

  1. Anant D Pandit
Venture Capitals