Social Quotient

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As described in our theory of change, business organizations can potentially invest more resources than statutorily required towards impact if the projects/initiatives are structured to deliver compelling returns in the form of new market development, customer acquisition, expansion, brand building and more. Social Quotient collaborates with companies to create and manage customized projects and initiatives in water, digitization, renewable energy, skill development, education, rural development, agriculture and e-governance.Our capabilities here include: strategic planning, end to end project management, impact audit, partnerships, feasibility testing (using big data & proprietary analytic tools), reporting and brand management (in context of the project).We do not outsource execution to NGOs or act as CSR Consultants for fund allocation/management.

  1. Deep Master
  2. Shaza Morani
  3. Jyotirmoy Chatterji
Venture Capitals
  1. Yash Dongre
  2. Anita Dongre
  3. Milind Sarwate