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In 2014, 5 million Indians suffered a heart attack. 3 million of them did not survive. From the other 2 million, many have sustained irreparable damage to the heart. In spite of the alarming increase in heart patients, we lack immediate diagnosis and coordination systems. The likelihood of surviving a heart attack is over 80% if action is taken within the first 2 hours. However, the average time between symptoms and treatment in India is over 6 hours. By simply reducing this, millions of lives can be saved every year.While heart attacks can be detected by a quick and inexpensive test called an ECG, we continue to be victims of two critical setbacks. Firstly, most primary care clinics are not equipped with ECG machines owing to their high cost and complex nature. Secondly, a lot of the primary care doctors do not receive sufficient training in ECG interpretation.This is where Tricog steps in.Our aim � changing the 80% chance that a heart attack will take your life to an 80% chance that you will survive. We use technology to help patients gain access to quick, accurate and affordable diagnosis, which can lead to significant mortality reduction. Our Tricog ECG devices, strategically located at local clinics help doctors detect heart complications within minutes of your arrival. Our devices are cloud-connected and accessed only by trained expert doctors. Within minutes of collecting the ECG results, the diagnosis is shared with both the patient and the doctor in real-time. The system is designed to additionally enable continuity of care at a tertiary centre when required.

  1. Zainul Charbiwala
  2. Udayan Dasgupta