Uber Dreams

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Uberdreams, true to its name, aims to do just that! We are the new-age Genie in the lamp: all you have to do is make a wish! Whether you are a bunch of friends, a family of four, or simply looking to treat yourself, we are the ones who get the good-stuff rolling in. You imagine, we make it happen.Here�s how we do this: through an existing range of carefully curated experiences, we allow you to pick. A dinner date with your favorite celebrity? A trekking adventure for the whole family? A long drive in luxury? Gifting a friend their life-long dream? There are endless possibilities, and we create more everyday! We even go a step ahead by crafting custom-made wishes especially for you, all you have to do is ask. To put it simply we are the Fairy-Godmother to your Cinderella, without the twelve o�clock deadline!!

  1. Savan Daru
Venture Capitals
  1. Mascot Group