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Are you a meat-lover who wonders why fresh over-the-counter meat is never quite as supple as restaurant fare? Someone who fancies shopping for fresh meat, but is put off by the journey to a filthy, fly-infested market? Someone who settles for almost-hygienic meat because there seems to be no alternative? Or are you a restaurant with an incredibly hard to please clientele when it comes to the quality of meat?Maybe it's time you got a taste of the fresh new meat experience called ZappFresh. We're meat-lovers serving meat-lovers. Our mission is to keep raising the bar of the consumer fresh meat experience in India.Order now and we'll zapp fresh, healthy meaty goodness to you, without any hassles whatsoever. Bon app�tit!

  1. Deepanshu Manchanda
  2. Shruti Gochhwal
Venture Capitals
  1. Ashvin Chadha