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Ziffity is an eCommerce solutions agency. By being doggedly focused on this space, we have gained unmatched expertise, operational excellence and competitive edge. Our goal, our culture, our process, our thinking and our people are all aligned to providing fast paced eCommerce solutions. These services are driven by our deep knowledge, proprietary tools and passion to make a difference for our customers.Our Vision is to be the number ONE preferred partner for eCommerce solutions. This vision of ours will mean that we CONSTANTLY think about better and creative ways to solve our customer�s problems and help them achieve their eCommerce goals.Our Mission is to significantly enhance eCommerce revenue for our B2B and B2C customers.Our culture is entrepreneurial. We are performance driven, we believe anything is possible, we hustle, we take risks, we are self-motivated, we contribute to something bigger than ourselves, we are self-disciplined, we innovate, we help each other, we are extremely focused, we strive for excellence, we favor ability over experience and we set audacious goals.Leadership

  1. Vinod Kankaria
  2. Sajish Balan
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  1. Aspire Systems